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18:28 - 17/12/2013
Eat out: Rockin’ Raw

IMG_7830 copy
The owner Luis outside his restaurant!

Rockin’ Raw is a peruvian/creole inspired raw food restaurant located in Greenwich Village. I’ve been there a few times and I have to say that they make me impressed every time! Their raw menu is different from many other clean restaurants in the city and one thing that’s a big plus is that they mainly use seeds – not nuts. Most of their dishes are made with seeds – like sunflower seed dressings, seedy breads and oh my! – not to forget – their absolute AMAZING nut free desserts!

I think that’s a problem with the raw food diet in general – you tend to eat way too big amount of nuts for what your body really need. Anyway, let’s dig in some nut free food:

IMG_7725 copy

We begun our dinner with a shot of Magnesol! It’s 2 grams of purely absorbable magnesium with zinc mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice. CHEERS PEOPLE!

IMG_7737 copyIMG_7757 copy

My mum went for the “Cheezy Burrito” with mixed greens, salsa, guacamole, seed meat, sour cream, nacho cheese wrapped in a sundried tomato wrap served with a creamy cauliflower mash. Everything – including the sour cream and nacho cheese – is of course raw and nut free. She said it was the best raw meal she had during her week here. And then it must be good, since we ate at soooo many gourmet vegan restaurants!

I had the “Tere Salad” that was a wonderful mix of kale, romaine salad, crunchy broccoli, creamy sesame dressing, avocado, dulse and pumpkin seed cheese. Thumbs up!

IMG_7722 copy

I love the atmosphere at the restaurant – cosy, warm and filled with flowers and plants!

IMG_7790 copyIMG_7814 copy

Here comes the real deal! Their well known and absolute magnificent desserts;
– Gingerbread cake with Vanilla coconut frosting!
– Red Velvet Cream Sandwich (!!!) made of coconut, raspberry, Lucuma, flax seeds, coconut nectar and cacao. The cream was made of Irish Moss, Coconut nectar and Vanilla Cream.

I know I look as cheesy as this girl when I’m holding up the layered Gingerbread Cake, but I know you guys love me anyway ;-) Or actually, maybe more like this one

IMG_7791 copy

My favorite was the Cookies ‘n’ Cream Mousse Pie!

It’s made of gluten free groat oats, flax seeds, cacao, vanilla bean, raw agave nectar, irish moss and coconut. Gluten free, nut free and super healthy for body and soul!

IMG_7826 copy

You can visit Rockin’ Raw on the calm 171 Sullivan Street, just off E Houston. Check more information and opening hours here! This is a must go to if your visiting NYC!

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